The Melancholy Of Love


And this lust sticks to me like autumn like

leaves damned to the breath of pavement leaves

battered by rain wind and the pleasure of heat

hiding behind the cellulose thighs of clouds.

And because I am not my parents’ daughter

I whisper into the air’s sin-soft shoulder.

Words ache my skin sink into my muscles

blanche my desire. Then rain stains the earth.


I am driven by this reckless longing

to swallow whole chunks of mercy spit it

out and sort through the grace of childhood

the love that names me the writing I can no

longer read the merciful love fat and

expectant as this tumultuous earth.




Metta Sáma is author of Nocturne Trio (YesYes Bøøks 2012) and South of Here (New Issues Press 2005 (published under the name Lydia Melvin)). Her poems, fiction, creative non-fiction, & book reviews have been published or forthcoming in Blackbird, bluestem, Drunken Boat, The Drunken Boat, Esque, hercricle, Jubilat, Kweli, The Owls, Pebble Lake Review, Pyrta, Reverie, Sententia, Vinyl, among others.