RL Poetry Award Anthology 2014

The RL POETRY AWARD 2014 was open to both Indian poets and poets of other nationalities. The award attracted over 960 submissions.

The RL POETRY AWARD 2014 winners are Tushar Jain in the national category and Lauren Camp (New Mexico) in the international category, followed by 9 finalists in each category. In the Haiku section, the winners are Carl Seguiban, Tracy Davidson and Andre Cecon, followed by 7 finalists this year.

Long Poems

Ranjit Hoskote (Click for jury bio)
Jennifer Robertson

Short Poems
Michael Dylan Welch (MDW) (Click for jury bio)

For individual comments by MDW, please follow the links in the Haiku section.


Ranjit Hoskote

“It has been a special pleasure to read through the entries, both national and international, that came in for the RL POETRY AWARD 2014. I was delighted to encounter a polyphony of voices here, characterized by high level of imaginative ability and technical finesse, as well as a desire to experiment with the possibilities of the form. The poem assumes many forms here, transiting through many avatars and tonalities. Importantly — and this is certainly an outcome of the epoch of globalization and the democratizing, planet-wide circulations that it has generated — the national and the international entries formed part of one seamless universe of literary quest. The circumstances of geographical location no longer limit the potential voyages of the poetic consciousness to a narrow set of choices, dictated by ideological compulsion or deficits of access to exemplars and colleagues elsewhere. We believe that the RL POETRY AWARD has created a fresh assembly of practitioners, whose work can now be shared in the form of this anthology.”  Poet and art curator Ranjit Hoskote

Jennifer Robertson


“Judging the RL POETRY AWARD 2014 awards proved to be an extremely rewarding and enriching experience.The eclectic submissions defy easy categorization. I was intrigued by the ingenuity and diversity of the poems, both in terms of theme, craft, and form. The winning poems are an amalgam of sinewy surrealistic imagery, subversive narrative leaps in form, startlingly assured spareness and pithiness of language coupled with a discerning absurdist nonchalance: sardonic and irreverent. ” Poet Jennifer Robertson       



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