the concurrent part of her that fell on water
is that face or façade ?
body or bodice ?
eye or I ?

color blue reshapes its structure
metal sobbing in the ore
the colored, visiting colorlanes

you looked for hair in the clouds ?
how about its underneath ? how about its intellect ?
when it’s even more wonderful and weighty

like female-names
their hormones hungrily imaginative
transforming into plasma

those daylight drops are painted white and yellow
paint squeezed out waterless
applied directly from the tube
making tornados with night-stars
sprinkling the village below
with yellow granular cornlight
and snow begins


Originally appeared here : The Drunken Boat

Nominated by : Saddiq Dzukogi

Comment: This poem “reshapes” our understanding of metaphors with “wonderful” melodia that is highly “imaginative” and shows that metaphors that are musical, are even more “weighty”. You get draped in the “daylight” of these lines and they illuminate you with a meaning as unclouded as “water”

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